Looking for a tattoo, (PICS)?

I like the idea of small tattoos and was wondering what your opinions were. Please have a look at these. Thanks in advance. : )



Navy vet searches for the suitable tattoo artist at Cashman Center - West Valley News
Navy vet searches for the suitable tattoo artist at Cashman CenterWest Valley NewsLas Vegas resident Daphne McGinnis roamed the aisles at the Body Art Expo at the Cashman Center looking for a tattoo artist who could bring her thought of combining a tiger, dragon and yin yang symbol to life.“I was in the Navy for 12 years and the tiger.Navy vet searches for the right tattoo artist at Cashman CenterLas Vegas Blog (blog)all 3 news articles »
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Where could I get this tattoo? Picture?

I found a tattoo that I really love and I am thinking of getting it some time in the future. Where do you think this would look good? I didn’t think it would look good centred anywhere like on my lower back or neck because it would look off balanced. How about on one of my shoulder blades.

Any suggestions for areas that could be covered up with work clothes?

Oh and please no one waste their breath on "don’t get it" comments.I don’t want to hear it, kay? 😀

Here it is; http://tattoo.about.com/library/graphics/seand08.jpg

Tell me if the link stops working and i’ll post a new one,

Thanks in advance 😀
oh and could you please tell me if you like it too? Maybe rate it?

A's get Zobrist, Escobar from Rays for Jaso and 2 prospects - SFGate
CBS LocalA's get Zobrist, Escobar from Rays for Jaso and 2 prospectsSFGateGiven their roster flexibility, the A's can just shuffle Marcus Semien from shortstop into an everyday utility role — much like the young Zobrist — and he'll still get 500 at-bats. The A's had inquired about Escobar two years ago, when he was with ...A's Get Zobrist and Escobar From Rays for Jaso and Minor LeaguersNew York TimesA's get Zobrist, Yunel Escobar from Tampa Bay RaysSan Jose Mercury NewsA's get Ben Zobrist, Yunel EscobarKABC-TVAthletics Nationall 232 news articles »
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How much would a wrist tattoo affect a career in a Catholic school?

I’m studying to be a Catholic school teacher and want to get "Philippians 1:3" tattooed on my inner wrist. Would this affect job opportunities for me? If you think yes, where would you suggest getting this tattoo as an alternative?
Thanks in advance!


Is it possible to tattoo over a birth mark?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo on my abdomen and i have a small, flat (not raised), brown birthmark, its kind of just a different pigment to my natural skin colour, and i was wondering if theres any danger in tattooing over it? Thanks in advance.


What are the dangers of getting a tattoo from someone whose only accreditation is that he is good at drawing?

This isnt for me to start off…
Trying to show some friends what could go wrong.
The person giving the tattoos has not been apprenticed, has not gone to any sort of tattoo art school, and is ordering a tattoo kit from the internet.

please post only if you’re being serious.
thanks in advance.


How difficult is it for a tattoo artist to draw circles and lines symmetrically and accurately?

I am looking to get a tattoo shortly. I made the image myself but it is a VERY symmetrical design. It is important to me that when I get the tattoo done that CIRCLES look like CIRCLES… not ovals, etc.
Is this difficult for tattoo artists to accomplish?
Thanks in advance!


Does excellent tattoo ink actually make a difference?

Is there really a distinction between tattoo ink’s in reference to I guess the economical stuff or not as popular brands?. Some tattoo ink’s have the money to market, yet are they really much better if so just what brand of tattoo ink would you suggest that is the good stuff. Many thanks in advance.
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