Where can i get really good tattoo pictures of unique personal tattoos?

Im dying to get a tattoo and i want like something either hebrew or just something very unique and individual…all the good websites you have to pay for 🙁 is there any free ones?


Which tattoo should I get?

I am about to get my first tattoo. I have an idea of two:

The first one is the eye of ra.
I’m thinking of getting it on my neck.

The second one is the infinity to beyond equation on my wrist.

I am open to any other suggestions. I’m mostly looking for a unique small tattoo


I plan on getting a tattoo on my upper arm (So it can be easily concealed)?

Do you think a tattoo artist will do this picture?

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Is it ok to get a tattoo shortly after a meningitis and tetatnus shot?

I’m due for both a meningitis and tetatnus shot within the next few weeks before going away to college, but I have a tattoo aapointment scheduled in 3 weeks. Will the shot have any effect on how my body reacts to the tattoo?

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How do you protect a forearm tattoo in the sun?

Im getting a forearm tattoo next week, and i want to know how to protect it from the sun. I work outdoors for 6 hours in the heat and sunlight. Should i put a cloth bandage over the fresh tattoo? I dont want to wear long sleeve clothing cause it’ll be very very HOT.

Any suggestions?
How about if i get a tattoo on my bicep ? Should i still put a bandage on ?


How bad does a back tattoo Hurt compared to a rib cage tattoo?

I have one tattoo already on my rib cage an I’m really skinny and it hurt like hell! But I delt with it.. I want a new tattoo on my back.. My last name across it and I was wondering what the pain difference is between a ribbentrop tattoo and a back tattoo?


How much do you think these tattoo's cost ( pics )?

how much do you predict these tattoo’s cost ( please only answer if you have experiance with tattoos

tattoo #1

tattoo #2

tattoo 3#

Tattoo #4

— how much do you think they cost INDIVIDUALLY

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you know how eve has a tattoo of 2 paws on her boobs? well i want a tattoo of a star or a heart on my right boob. its not gonna be big just small. i was wondering will it hurt if i got it on my boob. & how does it feel when your getting your tattoo done? & yes my mom knows im getting a tattoo.


i really want a tattoo?

well im only 13 but i want a tattoo when im like 16 or 18 please im being serious i wan one on my wrist like the park were my veins are i guess its called the inner part of my wrist. how will it feel? i want something like this but without the blue backround


and i want a sleeve with like piratish monsters like sea monsters and my chemical romance stuff and punk rock stuff anyone wanna desgin one?? i will save it until i get one

i want the warped tour one cause this year warped tour lucky 13 was my 1st year at warped tour

i also want the date 2/23/07 on my knuckles cause thats when i went to the mcr concert