Where can i get really good tattoo pictures of unique personal tattoos?

Im dying to get a tattoo and i want like something either hebrew or just something very unique and individual…all the good websites you have to pay for 🙁 is there any free ones?


Which tattoo should I get?

I am about to get my first tattoo. I have an idea of two:

The first one is the eye of ra.
I’m thinking of getting it on my neck.

The second one is the infinity to beyond equation on my wrist.

I am open to any other suggestions. I’m mostly looking for a unique small tattoo


How can I get an original tattoo design?

I want to get a tattoo but I want something original. I don’t want to get something from like google images or something that is a rip off like that. I don’t really know what I want, but I want a tattoo. Any suggestions on how to get an original design?


How much does a tattoo hurt on the rib cage?

I’m interested in getting my first tattoo and I know exactly what I would want. It’s two words, simple and meaningful to me. I’d want it rather small, and I figured I could easily hide it with clothing. I’m not sure if this is the best place but I keep coming back to it. I’ve read some peoples opinions, however they are usually talking about larger tattoos. I’m wondering how much it hurts (my pain threshold is pretty average) and if there’s a better spot that I should consider!


I plan on getting a tattoo on my upper arm (So it can be easily concealed)?

Do you think a tattoo artist will do this picture?

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How much will a tattoo behind the ear hurt?

I currently have three tattoos, Shoulder blade, foot and calf. I wanted to get a tattoo behind my ear and wanted opinions from people that actually have tattoos behind their ear and how it compares?


How long does a small tattoo take to heal?

I am planning on getting a small tattoo on my wrist. I don’t want it to be visible at work so I would probably wear a bracelet over it whenever I’m at work. Would this affect the healing process? How long does a tattoo take to heal on average?


How much do you think these tattoo's cost ( pics )?

how much do you predict these tattoo’s cost ( please only answer if you have experiance with tattoos

tattoo #1

tattoo #2

tattoo 3#

Tattoo #4

— how much do you think they cost INDIVIDUALLY

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you know how eve has a tattoo of 2 paws on her boobs? well i want a tattoo of a star or a heart on my right boob. its not gonna be big just small. i was wondering will it hurt if i got it on my boob. & how does it feel when your getting your tattoo done? & yes my mom knows im getting a tattoo.


i really want a tattoo?

well im only 13 but i want a tattoo when im like 16 or 18 please im being serious i wan one on my wrist like the park were my veins are i guess its called the inner part of my wrist. how will it feel? i want something like this but without the blue backround


and i want a sleeve with like piratish monsters like sea monsters and my chemical romance stuff and punk rock stuff anyone wanna desgin one?? i will save it until i get one

i want the warped tour one cause this year warped tour lucky 13 was my 1st year at warped tour

i also want the date 2/23/07 on my knuckles cause thats when i went to the mcr concert