New Tattoo Ink Makes Removal Easier

There has been some controversy over this new tattoo ink that has come out. The new tattoo ink has been out since the fall of 2007 but some people are claiming that the ink doesn’t do what everyone claims it does. This new ink is permanent as well as removable. It is made by storing dye in microscopic capsules that will stay in the skin for good. But if you wake up one day and decide you no longer want your tattoo or regret it one day, it can simply be zapped away with a single laser treatment that is simpler and less painful than the barrage of treatments now needed.

tattoo removal

People are now coming forward who have gotten a tattoo with this new “removable” ink and are saying the removal process isn’t as easy as the makers of this new ink are saying. For instance they state you will only have to under go one laser tattoo removal session. Well real life people are auguring that it takes six sessions just like it would with the old traditional ink.

tattoo removal

The bottom line is people are missing the whole point about getting a tattoo. A tattoo is meant to be permanent and be with you the rest of your life. If you feel you won’t be able to live with a tattoo for the rest of your life, simply don’t get one. Don’t rely on a new ink method to save you. The cost of laser tattoo removal is far more expensive than getting a tattoo and it is pretty much guaranteed even with this new tattoo ink that you will have to under go multiple sessions to get rid of your tattoo. Not only does this new ink cost considerably more than your traditional tattoo ink, but if you decide you don’t want this tattoo anymore you will have to shell out even more money to get it removed. Simply put think before you ink. A tattoo is a life committment if you feel you can’t make it than you are not cut out to have a tattoo.

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Tattoo Removal Becoming A Fad

  tattoo removal

Believe it or not the tattoo removal business is booming right now. These laser tattoo removal facilities are actually looking for more doctors and whatnot to help meet the high demand of people wanting to get their tattoos removed. But on the flip side of that the tattoo business is also booming right now and they are one of the few businesses that are not struggling in these tough economic times. But this is also a perfect time to discuss the importance of being 200% sure about the tattoo design you pick out. It is pretty safe to say that when you are 18 and get a cute little tattoo somewhere on your body that when you are 35 or 40 you might think it is childish and want it to go away. This is why it is so important not to make that mistake.

  tattoo removal two

Picking out a tattoo design is a very hard decision and it is one that should be thought about for some time. Don’t just rush into picking out a design those almost always end in disaster. 1000 Many celebrities as well as normal people are rushing to tattoo removal facilities to get those lover’s names, childish tattoos, and bad quality tattoos removed. Just follow these simply little tips when thinking about getting a tattoo. Stay always from lover’s names and portraits, don’t pick out a design on a whim. Do get a tattoo of your children names, your zodiac sign, your favorite pet or animal, or something simply as a little star, heart or flower. If you are thinking about getting your first tattoo just remember these above tips and try not to make a tattoo mistake. After all getting a tattoo removed can cost up to $1,000 a session and not to mention the pain that is involved.

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History of Tattoo Designs

Being one with the group or for standing out, the tattoo has always been a good bet. Here is a brief history of tattoos.


Tattoo History - A Brief History of Tattoos and Body Art

Humankind has always tried to enhance their looks. Therefore, jewelery, clothes and other accessories have been present since time incarnate. One of the oldest ways of decorating oneself known to human kind was the tattoo. Here is a brief history of the tattoo.

have been used for all kind of purposes ever since the dawn of time. Over the years, they have served as symbols of rights, symbols of rank and seniority or being juniors, symbols of spirituality, devotion, religion, rewards and awards for bravery, amulets, talismans and security. Tattoos were also used as a symbol of punishments, being outcast, slavery and conviction. Tattoos have been one of the most frequently used body arts.

The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian word, ‘tatao’, which literally means to tap or to mark someone. The word was coined by Captain James Cook in 1769. The original way of creating tattoos was definitely much more brutal than it is today. A sharp pointed comb would be dipped into lampblack and then moved around on the body. The fad then spread from the Polynesian and Tahitians to the Europeans.

Proof of tattoos being used as long as five thousand years ago has now been uncovered. Modern archeology has found proof of tattoos being used in the Egypt, Roman, Greek and Japanese regions.

Greeks normally used the tattoos to indicate slavery. The Mayas, Incans and the Aztecs are known to use tattoos. Tattoos were sometimes also used as a mark or symbol of belonging to a tribal group or tribe.

Tattoos have had other uses in different regions. Tattoos in Egypt can be found as early as before the Pyramids were made. The Greeks used the tattoos primarily to transmit messages between their spies. The Asian world used tattoos to denote a woman coming of age or her marriage. Japan used tattoos for religious purposes and other ceremonial purposes. Tattoos were also used to induce the sexuality in a person. The tattoos of Japan were prepared by the women of Borneo.
borneo tattoo designs borneo tattoo
The women of Borneo were the first to use tattoos to denote the status and place in life of the owner of the tattoo.

The re-induction of the tattoo to the west was the handiwork of William Dapher. He was a traveler of the South Seas. He introduced a heavily tatooed Prince Giolo to the western world, known as the Painted Prince. His exhibitions later on gave immense popularity to tattoos.A hundred years later, the tattoo became famous in America. The Chatam Studio in New York City is considered to be the birthplace of the American style tattoo. The first tattoo machine in America was patented by Samuel O’Reilly. He had set up shop in the Chatam Studio area, then a haven for working class rich people. The first machine was based on Edison’s electric pen, which punctured paper. With the death of Samuel O’Reilly, it was his apprentince, Charles Wagner took over the business. Wagner teamed with Lew Alberts.

Perhaps the most famous tattoo subject has been the Dragon. There are around three kinds of dragons, which are picked by almost every tattoo artist due to the variety these tattoos give. Furthermore, dragons are universally known and also have a universal appeal.
dragon tattoo design
Dragon tattoos also look very good on the skin as compared to others. Dragon tattoos can be prepared in color as well as black and white. Today, tattoos are used by people of all walks of life. Previously, only people from the working class used to get themselves tattooed. The well heeled crowd would shy away from tattoos.

Previously tattoo parlors were less on hygiene and were one of the major reasons where people could get skin infections or even aids. Today, though, tattoos have become more or less hygienic and offer their clients sufficient safety from skin and other diseases previously attributed to tattoos.

By Roy D’Silva
Published: 4/25/2007

Great Info About Tattoo History

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