Do tattoo artist use tap water or distilled water in their rinse cup?

I want to know if tattoo artists use tap water or distilled water to put in their rinse cup (the one in which they rinse their tattoo machine during a tattoo). Anyone know?


How do I become a tattoo model to help sponsor my friends work?

I would like to model my friends work in a magazine to help sponsor her work. She is an upcoming tattoo artists and all the tattoos that I have gotten are from her. What do I have to do to get a spread in a tattoo magazine or what are a couple magazines that focus on upcoming tattoo artists?

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What is the best tattoo aftercare method in this situation?


Many tattoo artists say to wait a few days or even up to a week or two weeks before exercising or working out after getting a new tattoo. Does sex count as an exercises or workout that should be avoided during this period also?
By the way, I am not talking about hard sweaty sex. I mean like normal sex at regular paste.



i want to get a tattoo, a small one..i want a rose with the symbol for ‘life’ (the meaning of my name) worked into it somehow..what do you guys think?…and does anyone have any pictures? i can’t find a good one..thanks
I am going to have something origonal..thats my whole point..i have been to a few tattoo artists and they have told me to find the two pictures i want and they will combine thats what im doing now..thanks guys..please only serious answers


How difficult is it for a tattoo artist to draw circles and lines symmetrically and accurately?

I am looking to get a tattoo shortly. I made the image myself but it is a VERY symmetrical design. It is important to me that when I get the tattoo done that CIRCLES look like CIRCLES… not ovals, etc.
Is this difficult for tattoo artists to accomplish?
Thanks in advance!


What are the chances of obtaining liver disease from a tattoo?

I’m getting a tattoo quickly, and I am positive that I want one. The only point I’m uneasy regarding is obtaining liver disease- a blood condition that I’ve heard might be conveniently passed along when getting a tattoo- much easier to obtain than AIDS. I’m very, extremely anxious regarding this.

Does anyone understand what the chances are of acquiring liver disease from a tattoo? Do you know anyone that’s obtained it from a tattoo? Or possibly you did? I simply require all the info i can easily obtain concerning hepatitis, how it is acquired, and many more. The location I’m going with my tattoo points out that the tattoo artists have actually been immunized with hepatitis A and B gos. In order that being claimed, how much of a chance exists? And isn’t there a liver disease C?


Tattoo musicians: How do you feel about young adults can be found in to get tattoos?

I have actually constantly wondered what ideas went though your mind when a teen walks in for a tattoo.

Just what concerning when the tattoo has meaning?
No definition?

If you’re not a tattoo artists, exactly how would certainly you feel if you were, and this taken place?
Psalm, I concur along with you totally. Sorry regarding your good friend. I know individuals that have foolish, meaningless tattoos, and I always wonder just what the tatooer actually considers it.

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