Will a tattoo on the back of the shoulder blade stretch much?

I am looking to get a tattoo. I do not want it to stretch much. Will a tattoo on the back on my shoulder blade stretch much. I realize that all tattoos will stretch a little bit. But will it stretch as much. Also what other spots will not stretch much?
Also do you think a tattoo on the side just to the right/left of the abs would stretch?


How do i get rid of Acne on and around my Tattoo?

I got a tattoo in September 2008, so it has been several months since. However, i have recently discovered acne forming in and around my tattoo. The tattoo is on my left shoulder blade, and it is in a spot where i dont normally get acne. How do i get rid of this acne problem without harming the tattoo itself, and why is this happening?


How painful is getting a tattoo on the shoulder?

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a couple years now but I was always wondering if certain places for tattoos would hurt more than others. I want to get a tattoo on my right shoulder blade but I don’t know if it would be unbearably painful or not. Any advice or insight?


need ideas for skateboarding tattoo?

i was thinking about getting a tattoo that can reflect my love for skateboarding but im not sure what i want to get. i was thinking either on my left forearm or left shoulder blade and nothing to be or intricate. i like more simple graphics or even quotes. any suggestions are appreciated

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I am getting my first tattoo tomorrow afternoon. I would like to know what I should expect. I am not going to ask if it hurts because I understand getting a tattoo feels diffrent for everyone . I just want to know what should i expect…
im getting mine on my right shoulder above the shoulder blade


Exactly how can you inform if a tattoo is marked?

I acquired a tattoo on my left shoulder cutter 2 years ago of a Playboy Rabbit with the ear tumbled over and my label under it. It’s really charming yet I can easily still feel the tattoo. There’s no color or anything so the enitre tattoo is essentially an outline and I can easily still feel it, type of like braille. I understand it’s typical to be able to feel the rundown of a tattoo right after you get it done because I have 2 (the other one was likewise done concerning 2 years back and it performs the small of my back. Can’t feel that one). But I’m starting to wonder if this need to be taken out.
Mentioning aggravating the skin, when I leave the bath or out of a pool it itches. When I scrape it, it burns (I know I should not scratch it yet I can’t assist it). How’s that?


How much does tattoo extraction typically cost?

I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade that I wish gone. How much does it usually set you back to get a tattoo removed? Is the proceedure unpleasant? I’ve listened to the elimination along with leave an awful mark, is this correct? And if so, is the scar the shape of the tattoo?
Any sort of details would be significantly appreciated.


How can I cover my tattoo (for job) without make-up?

I have a rather big tattoo on my shoulder blade, and I such as to put on sleeveless leadings. I work in an expert office and tattoos are not permitted to be seen. So every day I have to use shirts that cover my tattoo. I reside in south florida and it’s like ONE HUNDRED levels daily and shirts with sleeves do not exercise to well in this warmth,. The only tattoo cover things I could looking for is cosmetics. I don’t want to have to go with applying it every morning. I merely require something that is easy on, easy off, like skin tinted tape or something.