Getting a tattoo in memory of my mom, which one is better?

Here are a few horse tattoo’s i found, my mom LOVED horses. She passed away this past 4th of July. I want to get something like "in loving memory of (her name)" at the top and then at the bottom something like Mother. Which would better way to put it? and here are a few links of the tattoo. I am 23 and this is going to be my first tattoo. I am thinking about getting it on my leg.

this first image will be with out the wings, not really to into them
i did google them, googled horse tatoos

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Where could I get this tattoo? Picture?

I found a tattoo that I really love and I am thinking of getting it some time in the future. Where do you think this would look good? I didn’t think it would look good centred anywhere like on my lower back or neck because it would look off balanced. How about on one of my shoulder blades.

Any suggestions for areas that could be covered up with work clothes?

Oh and please no one waste their breath on "don’t get it" comments.I don’t want to hear it, kay? 😀

Here it is;

Tell me if the link stops working and i’ll post a new one,

Thanks in advance 😀
oh and could you please tell me if you like it too? Maybe rate it?

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I am looking for a tattoo design that incorporates scorpio and libra zodiac signs together. any ideas?

I am a Scorpio woman engaged to a Libra man. Crazy, yes i know. Anyhoo, I am desperatly looking for a bad a** tattoo design that can morph the 2 signs together. I like the traditional "M" shape (if you will) of scorpio and the line with the arc shape on top for libra ( i’d settle for the scales also). Any ideas for a sweet design?

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How long should this tattoo take?

I am trying to get an idea for budget purposes. Getting a only black tattoo 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches of this design.

This image also means "Falcon" or so I have read and heard.

Also I am not worres about the pain but I was wondering how much you feel. I have heard some people fall asleap and others twitch. I have heard is is like a hot scratch feeling. I know it only goes under the skin about 1/16" of an inch but how does it feel? I am geting this on my right sholder blade.


What is the likeliness of a tattoo artist doing a poor job?

I plan on getting my first tattoo soon, it will be simply three letters in old english font. Would this be considered an "easier" tattoo for the artist compared to others they may have done? Or is it all the same (wouldn’t think so). Pardon my ignorance.


How much would a wrist tattoo affect a career in a Catholic school?

I’m studying to be a Catholic school teacher and want to get "Philippians 1:3" tattooed on my inner wrist. Would this affect job opportunities for me? If you think yes, where would you suggest getting this tattoo as an alternative?
Thanks in advance!


What is the pain level of getting a tattoo on your back between the shoulders?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo there, but I’d like to know what the pain level is. And don’t give me any "Don’t get a tattoo cause when your 80 years old you’ll die hating yourself" I have a high pain tolerance, and telling me the amount of pain will not stop me from getting the tattoo. I’m just curious.


What is the best camera to use for tattoo pictures?

I’m a tattoo artist and i’ve used a few types of cameras already and i’m not satisfied with the picture quality of them. All the pictures i take are very up close i’d say about 2" to 24" depending on where the tattoo is placed and what the tattoo is. So if anybody could help me out with this it would be great.



good or bad idea, i plan on getting my first tattoo as im turning 18 and i want to get Pslam 23:4 "Even as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i shall fear no evil, for you are with me.
i wantr this down my right side rib cage. what do you think?



if i get a tattoo that says "la bella vita" on my hip do you think that would be skanky or nice?


Exactly what are the dangers of obtaining a tattoo up your spinal column?

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