Got any kind of suggestions for a customized design remembrance tattoo?

I’m designing a tattoo in memory of my parents for my relative and I to both get together. I have a sign to represent my father (an Armenian freedom sign, he was Armenian and used this symbol on a pendant my whole life), but I cannot create one to represent my mom. She was exceptionally smart, the most selfless individual I have actually ever before fulfilled, really caring and compassionate, solid, and loved reading, photography, and interior decoration. She was of Danish origin however that wasn’t truly very much a part of her life. She did invest a number of years of her youth in Italy, however. Any ideas? Exists an internet site via good graphics that you know of? Any type of assistance is much valued! Many thanks!

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Would this be a good tattoo?

im 15 and have 3 so its okay with my parents. but i am a strait male and dont know if this is gay.

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What do you think about my tattoo?

I’m 16 and my parents are finally cool with me getting a tattoo. I’ve picked one out that has a ton of religious meaning to me, and I absolutely love it. Now, I’m looking at all the detail and can tell it’s gonna be expensive, can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much this is going to cost me? I know you guys can’t give a 100% perfect price, but an estimate would be wonderful. Also, what are your guy’s opinions on this tattoo? Tell me what you think, thanks!,r:0,s:0&tx=81&ty=150

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My ambition is to be a tattoo artist, i need some advise plz!?

But I still have my heart set on this career path, my parents want me to carry on modelling but it isn’t for me. I know they’re going to be shocked but if they don’t accept me for me- it’s their problem not mine.

The only problem is I have no tattoos, and I don’t want to be heavily tatooed incase I decide to take another job- as I realise tattoos could hinder my chances.

I love drawing and I am hardworking, creative and determined- I realise it will take a lot of training, and that chances are I’ll be sweeping up and things during my training, but I am willing to do this if it means I can follow my dream.

Anyway i’ll try not to ramble any longer- basically… What kind of qualifications are needed? I am good at drawing but not AMAZING, my predicted grade is an A or B and for graphics is an A*

What can I do to make sure I achieve this goal?

I research tattoo artists and watch miami ink, but what shall I work on?

I’m only 15.





How long is it ok to keep a tattoo covered during the healing process?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo on my side right around the hip bone area. (a little below the belt line) Anyways, I don’t want to get ink all over my clothes, nor can I walk around without pants on seeing as I still live with my anti-tattoo parents who will conveniently not know about my tattoo. My question is how long will I be able to keep it covered during the day and night to protect the tattoo and my clothes. Thanks!!!



I’m 16 and might be getting a tattoo in August.
What are the requirements for me to get a tattoo?
What will I hafto do after I get it?
Don’t worry, I’m not getting it where it can’t be seen. :).

How much do they cost, or does it vary?

Does it have to be MY parents specifically?
hehe 🙂


What would be a good tattoo idea to symbolize family?

I’m looking into getting a tattoo and I don’t want one that I will regret the next day, so I thought family means so much to me and I want a tattoo to represent my family but I’m just not sure as to what I should get to symbolize it. Any ideas?
I want something to not just represent my parents but all of my other relatives since my whole family means so much to me. But thank you all for the ideas. I think I’m going to with family and maybe love in chinese writing.


Is it illegal to tattoo a small without profit?

One of my friends wishes to be a tattoo musician and she understood I desired a tattoo and offered to provide me one free of charge. My moms and dads are all right with it, their only policy was they would not authorize for anything and if I could discover a legal means around the documentation they don’t care what I finish with my physique. So would it be legal for her to offer me a tattoo? I would enjoy to help her out and I would certainly appreciate a tattoo yet I don’t wish to cause any type of prospective difficulty.


What do you consider a homage tattoo, and any web sites to see graphics?

I am considering obtaining a homage tattoo, to my little girl and my boyfriend. Just what are some great websites for graphics and do you have any techniques regarding location or style? I like the water and love frogs, dolphins, angels, fairy’s, girly stuff …
If I desired your viewpoint about tattoos I would have asked. I am searching for web sites along with graphics, areas and designs. Kindly don’t utilize this to judge and stereotype me. If I was searching for that type of comments, I would just get off the computer system and go ask among my moms and dads. Kindly answer this concern seriously. Thanks.