ATI graphics card cost, Need help?

Next month i was planing on getting a tattoo, But now im thinking i well just use that money to get a New Graphics card for my Computer.
Im pretty sure my friend told me a while back that my comp needs a ATI one. if thats a type a G card ..heh..

Anyways anyone know i good one that i can get for 0 no more then that.

Still thinking it over if i want a graphics card. or a tattoo on my arm of my dog that died a year ago on june 23rd, had him for 15 years.
just gave up playing Everquest 2 again. Burnt out.. thinking about playing Age of Conan, but wanna upgrade first
thinking about putting the tattoo of for a while. bc i forgot i told my friend who live in alabama that i was gonna get that tattoo next time i come up there so she could come with me. and i dont know how mad she would be if i get it with out her.
just wanna know how good of a graphics card i could get with the money

AMD vs Intel: Why AMD will always be the underdog but ARM still beats Intel ... - PC Advisor
AMD vs Intel: Why AMD will always be the underdog but ARM still beats Intel ...PC AdvisorArguably, AMD's largest recent innovation was its acquisition of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) manufacturer ATI in 2006. The $5.6bn transaction (about £3bn) saw AMD join Intel in being able to deliver integrated graphics chips - that is, GPUs that ...and more »
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Graphics Tablet Possibilities?

I am considering getting a graphics tablet but just do not have the money to buy a wacom. I know bamboo tablets are cheaper but I’ve heard from several people that they work almost like toy versions of wacom.

I’m looking at several different ones with excellant reviews however.

My questions is whether anyone else has used any graphics tablet and what I can expect will be possible with one. One of the main reasons I want it is to be able to design clean line work for tattoos, and for watercolor paintings – it takes forever to draw out a design, transfer it to the watercolor paper and then paint it, and sometimes I screw up or decide I don’t like the colors and all the prep work is wasted time.

I know there are other applications for them but I’m curious as to what sort of things are possible or others have done with them!
Also please don’t get all high and mighty and tell me I have to buy a wacom tablet for what I want to do. Just because it is the most expensive doesn’t mean others don’t work and judging by reviews on amazon and other sites there are a handful that are comparable with a cheaper price. That is like saying you can’t use colored pencils unless you spend 130 bucks on prismacolors.


How to fix a screwed up tattoo…?

I recently got a tattoo of the Puerto Rico Flag, but the tattoo artist messed up the stripes cause she wanted to "Add more detail"… B.S. The PR Flag has 3 Red and 2 White stripes.(Red, White, Red, White, Red) She did 3 Red and 4 White (White, Red, White, Red, White, Red, White) and didn’t even place the stripes in the correct order. Not To mention that she is taking up 5 sessions already for a small tattoo that is taking up not even half of my upper arm, I paid almost 0 already for this tattoo and it is not worth it!!! This is the URL of the pic I gave her, just use some imagination on the stripe screw ups.

I called her and told her she screwed up, she said the next session is free and she’ll try to fix it… How? Should I go to another Artist to see if they can fix it or what? Should I try and get my money back? Is there any possible way to fix the screwed up stripes?

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What do I need to consider when getting a really detailed tattoo?

After giving it much thought I have decided that I want a very detailed tattoo on my arm. However I do not have any experience with tattoos and do not know if any able tattoo artist would be suitable for this or if I have to search for a specific artist.
If you put "quasi-crystal pattern" into google images you can get an idea of the sort of pattern I want.
Is this too unrealistic?
I would also appreciate if anyone could recommend a good tattoo artist in England.
I would be prepared to pay the money a good tattoo takes and also to travel over a distance to find a good artist.
Here’s a link to a more specific picture of what I would like:


Does excellent tattoo ink actually make a difference?

Is there really a distinction between tattoo ink’s in reference to I guess the economical stuff or not as popular brands?. Some tattoo ink’s have the money to market, yet are they really much better if so just what brand of tattoo ink would you suggest that is the good stuff. Many thanks in advance.
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