Which tattoo should I get 1st?

1. B with a crown on the back of my neck

2.chinese symbol meaning patience under my left knee [closer to the left side of my leg]


3. quote around my wrist [like a bracelet] in arabic

in arabic – ومن اجل ان تكون فريدة فى نوعها واحدة, شريطة ان تكون مختلفة


4.butterfly or pixie with pixie dust trailing on front left shoulder


5.love thy self in greek around my ankle like an ankle bracelet

αγαπάμε τον αυτο


6. small orchid on lower right back

Turkey issues fatwa against tattoos: Remove or repent - Washington Times
Washington TimesTurkey issues fatwa against tattoos: Remove or repentWashington Times“A person who has tattoo on his/her body should erase it, if possible. He/she should repent to God if the tattoo cannot be erased,” the Diyanet said. A similar decree issued by the Turkish government last year banned makeup, tattoos and piercings for ...Turkey issues fatwa urging Muslims with tattoos to repentTimes LIVETurkey issues fatwa over tattoosSky News Australiaall 28 news articles »
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What would be a good tattoo to symbolize my love for Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes?

I’m having difficulty putting my love for him into tattoo form. But I need a tattoo to dedicate to him, because he has saved my life single handedly.
i can’t choose a favorite song
it’s constatnly changing.
basicly whatever song i’m listening to at the moment its my favorite.
i’ve been obessed with him for over four years now.
i’m liking the yellow bird idea.
ha, i”ve tried growing out of bright eyes
but i can’t and other things i can’t explain.


need ideas for skateboarding tattoo?

i was thinking about getting a tattoo that can reflect my love for skateboarding but im not sure what i want to get. i was thinking either on my left forearm or left shoulder blade and nothing to be or intricate. i like more simple graphics or even quotes. any suggestions are appreciated

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Any Gambling Graphics?

Looking to post an ‘Enter’ graphic on my site.

First person to give me a good link of a good picture gets to be Top Answerer; the picture must:

-Have a gambling theme, ie, dice, fire, suits, cards, banners, etc.
-Be ‘badass’; something you’d wear on a t-shirt or get as a tattoo. I saw some pretty nifty T-shirt graphics in Vegas that I’d love to post on my site.
-Not ‘too badass’ or something a loser would wear on a t-shirt. Dragons, wizards, too detailed, no thanks.
-It doesn’t have to say ‘Enter’

Google search and photobucket aint doing it for me. Maybe you have a decent graphic you can show me off a site you hosted. Tattoos are a good idea, but I don’t want a picture of a tattoo already on a body. You catch my drift.

And please, no pictures with pesky ‘Copyright’ labels across the whole picture.

Thank you.


What would be a good tattoo idea to symbolize family?

I’m looking into getting a tattoo and I don’t want one that I will regret the next day, so I thought family means so much to me and I want a tattoo to represent my family but I’m just not sure as to what I should get to symbolize it. Any ideas?
I want something to not just represent my parents but all of my other relatives since my whole family means so much to me. But thank you all for the ideas. I think I’m going to with family and maybe love in chinese writing.


What tattoo would be a good way to represent my love for writing, and music?

I cant figure out what would be a good tattoo to get to represent my love for writing and music. If not both, just writing. I can do a different one for music. I want something to do with a pencil or something, but I simply just can’t figure it out. Please help me! Thanks!
I just realized that wasn’t too spacific, i want both of them worked into 1 tattoo..