Good Tattoo Idea?

I recently enlisted and i think this would look sweet, only on my left arm, and without that extra flag stuff near the top of it and where it shows the skin ripping it would be all black inside, not all gut looking

tell me what you think

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Will a Forearm Tattoo effect my life, and future jobs?

Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m 17. 18 in September. In two weeks I’m getting two tattoo’s, 1 on each forearm, going across. The very top of my inner forearm right under the elbow crease. I’m getting my Mothers name on my right arm and my Grandmothers name on my left arm, Marsha and Jennie. I’m just wondering if this is a stupid idea? If i will regret getting these. My goal in life is to attend a trade school for Networking and computer Graphics, but in the meantime I plan on getting a job at a fast food place or a small diner/resturant. Will these two tatt’s effect working at mcdonalds/jack in the box ect. oh and will people look at me dirty or look at me as a bum? They’re going to be in cursive fonts. I’m a Half black kid who dress’s like a skater and i have Inch Gauges in both ears. I’m not worried about about looking like a thug, just looking dirty and run down. Please excuse my bad grammer, i’m just to lazy to care (just wrote 2 essays and sick of fixin’ chit)
Thank you all for your answers =]


What is the tattoo on the left arm of Juqua Parker of the Philadelphia Eagles?

I am trying to figure out what is the tattoo on the left arm of DE Juqua Parker of the Philadelphia Eageles. Does anyone know? Or even where I could possibly find out. I have already checked his bio page. Thank you!

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Getting a tattoo tomorrow. Dont know what arm to get it on tho. I want it to show a lot like when im walking what side shows more left or right? Like when im talking or walking down the street what arm does the eys look more at the left arm or right arm?


Tattoo …?

This is a photo of my fathers armband tattoo. He got it on his left arm. Im obtaining mine tomorrow and been preparing the it for 2years now, i drew my very own designe that i love, however i don’t know which arm to obtain it left wing or right. I prefer it on the one that would show a lot more like wen im talking with someone, or walking in the street.