Where should I get this tattoo?

I want to get the phrase "momento mori" tattooed on me.
Its latin for remember you’re mortal. I want it either on my wrist, my back/neck, on my hip bone or on my lower back…Or POSSIBLY on the side of my foot.. I’ll attatch pictures of the PLACES…





I don’t want to hear what you think is "slutty" etc. i just want opinions on:

What looks the best, and what hurts the least?

Seriously.. What hurts the least…

Thank you!
I want to get a tattoo to remember my own mortality to remind me I am mortal.. like carpe diem, only like no one has heard of momento mori….

and i’m a girl…

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How long is it ok to keep a tattoo covered during the healing process?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo on my side right around the hip bone area. (a little below the belt line) Anyways, I don’t want to get ink all over my clothes, nor can I walk around without pants on seeing as I still live with my anti-tattoo parents who will conveniently not know about my tattoo. My question is how long will I be able to keep it covered during the day and night to protect the tattoo and my clothes. Thanks!!!


tattoo ?!??!!?

Does getting a SMALL tattoo on the front of your hip bone hurt?


How will pregnancy effect a tattoo on my hip bone?

I’m turning 16 this year and I want to get a tattoo for my birthday. I want to get it on my hip bone and I also want to have children in the future. I wanted to know how a pregnancy would affect my tattoo.


Anybody know where i can locate some graphics for a virgo zodiac indication tattoo?

i’m thinking of getting a small virgo indicator tattoo near my hip bone yet i desire it to look wonderful and one-of-a-kind. i need some ideas for exactly how some resemble.