help with this tattoo?

I was thinking about getting a tattoo similar to this on my chest over my heart, well on my boob lol. but i want the rose to be red and scaled down to about 2inches 🙂 how much do you think this would cost? estimates would be great! thanks

if the link dont work let me know 🙂
no, no meaning, i wanted some form of red rose for england though, but it doesnt particularly mean anything lol, thanks for opinions 🙂

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How large should a signature tattoo example be for a tattoo artist?

I am planning on getting a tattoo of my grandfathers signature over my heart, not really big, maybe 1x6in or there abouts. But when I have him write it out for me, how large should he do it so the tattoo artist will be able to make an exact copy. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks!


My ambition is to be a tattoo artist, i need some advise plz!?

But I still have my heart set on this career path, my parents want me to carry on modelling but it isn’t for me. I know they’re going to be shocked but if they don’t accept me for me- it’s their problem not mine.

The only problem is I have no tattoos, and I don’t want to be heavily tatooed incase I decide to take another job- as I realise tattoos could hinder my chances.

I love drawing and I am hardworking, creative and determined- I realise it will take a lot of training, and that chances are I’ll be sweeping up and things during my training, but I am willing to do this if it means I can follow my dream.

Anyway i’ll try not to ramble any longer- basically… What kind of qualifications are needed? I am good at drawing but not AMAZING, my predicted grade is an A or B and for graphics is an A*

What can I do to make sure I achieve this goal?

I research tattoo artists and watch miami ink, but what shall I work on?

I’m only 15.





What kind of tattoo should I get to represent my personality?

I put a lot of walls and most people think I’m cold-hearted at first, but once they gain my trust and get to know me (which takes a while) I’m one of the nicest and most caring people they have ever met. I really want to get a tattoo that represents this. But not a heart with barbwire or chains/lock or anything like that. I want something different. Any suggestions?


What are some good online sites to find stencils of tattoo designs to take to my tattoo artist?

I really want a star and heart with a zebra print in one and a leopard print in the other but I am having a hard time finding and actual stencil or something similar to take to my tattoo artist. I keep finding actual pictures of people’s tattoos but not a stencil or regular picture that could be used for tattoos.


Is it hard to design a tattoo that can be added to over a period of years and still look good?

I have an idea of a tattoo I want and it will be one that will be added to over time, is this a reasonable idea? I don’t want it to look like multiple tattoos, rather to always look like one tattoo.
The one I have in mind is of a rose vine traveling up and around my leg and around my body till it ends over my heart. Only the last rose will be in full bloom. When you say touch up what do you mean?