Tattoo designs??

Hi, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo but not sure of which design. It may be tribal, urban style or something simbolical. Once I find a good design I can print it out on an A4 and get it tattoed. Is there any websites on the internet that provide thouthands (?) of graphics for the tattoos of every type and style? Thank you very much!!

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help with this tattoo?

I was thinking about getting a tattoo similar to this on my chest over my heart, well on my boob lol. but i want the rose to be red and scaled down to about 2inches 🙂 how much do you think this would cost? estimates would be great! thanks

if the link dont work let me know 🙂
no, no meaning, i wanted some form of red rose for england though, but it doesnt particularly mean anything lol, thanks for opinions 🙂

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Custom tattoo questions?

I’m getting a tattoo soon but I’m a bit confused. I want a custom done but I’m not sure how it works – do I have to draw the tat myself? Does the artist design it for me? Can I take a photo down with me and have a tattoo drawn from that?

I can’t design graphics for toffees so I’m wondering how this works? Thanks!
Thanks for the answers so far. Mace it’s none of your business whether I have tattoos or not so keep your opinions to yourself please.
If it’s a photo it’s not custom? Um… what? I meant a photo I have taken, not one I got off Google Images, lol.

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What colors should I get on my koi fish tattoo?

Im getting a tattoo of the two fish representing pisces…I have it drawn up but it’s not colorful.

I couldnt decide whether to do unnatural koi colors, making one fish pink and purple and the other blue, like this:

Or if I should do the realistic colors of a koi fish:

I want my tattoo to be classy and unique. but I’m really indesicive so gimme some pointers?

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ATI graphics card cost, Need help?

Next month i was planing on getting a tattoo, But now im thinking i well just use that money to get a New Graphics card for my Computer.
Im pretty sure my friend told me a while back that my comp needs a ATI one. if thats a type a G card ..heh..

Anyways anyone know i good one that i can get for 0 no more then that.

Still thinking it over if i want a graphics card. or a tattoo on my arm of my dog that died a year ago on june 23rd, had him for 15 years.
just gave up playing Everquest 2 again. Burnt out.. thinking about playing Age of Conan, but wanna upgrade first
thinking about putting the tattoo of for a while. bc i forgot i told my friend who live in alabama that i was gonna get that tattoo next time i come up there so she could come with me. and i dont know how mad she would be if i get it with out her.
just wanna know how good of a graphics card i could get with the money

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What do you think about my tattoo?

I’m 16 and my parents are finally cool with me getting a tattoo. I’ve picked one out that has a ton of religious meaning to me, and I absolutely love it. Now, I’m looking at all the detail and can tell it’s gonna be expensive, can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much this is going to cost me? I know you guys can’t give a 100% perfect price, but an estimate would be wonderful. Also, what are your guy’s opinions on this tattoo? Tell me what you think, thanks!,r:0,s:0&tx=81&ty=150

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Tattoo ?

I’m getting a tattoo for my 17th birthday(Yes I do know you have to be 18)
And I have no ideas of what to get at all. The idea of choosing something that has to stay with my through my life is daunting.
Ive googled tattoo designs but nothing good comes up. So any ideas?
Im looking for something artistic. Im a girly girl. Nothing too big. Any ideas?
Also would I be able to design my own and hand it in to the tattoo artist?


How would you describe this style of tattoo?

I really like how this person’s tattoo looks. I like how there’s no harsh black lines and that the outlining of the flowers are just darker shades of pink and red and i like how the natural skin color is the negative space in the tattoo. I was thinking about getting a tattoo with flowers like this and a hummingbird and i was wondering if there’s any form of style of tattooing similar to what im describing here, I don’t know much about tattoos but I’m not getting it any time soon because I’m still planning the tattoo out. Thanks for the help!


How large should a signature tattoo example be for a tattoo artist?

I am planning on getting a tattoo of my grandfathers signature over my heart, not really big, maybe 1x6in or there abouts. But when I have him write it out for me, how large should he do it so the tattoo artist will be able to make an exact copy. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks!


What type of tattoo should I get and where?

I am fixing to turn 18 and I am contemplating getting a tattoo. But I want it to mean something. I want it to represent what I have been through in my life (self-injury, rape, bulimia). Also I need to know where would be the best place to put it since I am going into Air Force ROTC. What do you think?
Its to represent my moving past and being stronger.


How much should I tip a tattoo artist and how do I tip a tattoo artist?

Ok, this might seem such a strange question (well, the second part at least) but I am planning on getting a tattoo in the future and I have no idea how much the tip should be. Also, is it appropriate to hand the cash for the tip directly to the artist them self or should it be given to the person (usually an intern) who rings the total cost up? Advice is greatly appreciated! Much thanks! 🙂


How painful is getting a tattoo on the shoulder?

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a couple years now but I was always wondering if certain places for tattoos would hurt more than others. I want to get a tattoo on my right shoulder blade but I don’t know if it would be unbearably painful or not. Any advice or insight?


my tattoo ideas?

so i’m getting a tattoo for my 18th birthday (in march) and i have a few ideas but i’m not sure what i should get first.

my first one i want to get is indian larry’s question mark with the wings
with a quote around the question mark that says "the next phase is going to transpire the way it is supposed to transpire"

or i want to get a Metallica themed tattoo, probably the ninja star design.

my friend lyndsey and i want to get 2008 (probably with a nautical star) on the backs of our necks because that’s when we’re going to graduate high school.

and i want to get an angel with with the word strength.

i just can’t decide which one i should get first or where to put it. , except i won’t get the 2008 one first because i’m going to wait until lynz turns 18.

i’m thinking about the question mark on my ankle or calf.

any suggestions?
i’ve been thinking about these tats for a long time.
or for the indian larry tattoo i might just have "indian larry" and 1949-2004
yeah, the 2008 idea was my friend’s idea. i was thinking about just like a nautical star with the school colors. just something to represent that hey, we made it.


What are some reputable tattoo places in and near Sacramento, CA?

I am planning on getting my first tattoo at the beginning of summer, but I am doing the research on tattoo places and artists now. I live near Stockton, CA. Any advice or tips would be great! Thanks!
I’d just like to add that I do not want anyone to tell me not to get a tattoo. If that’s the way that you feel, keep your opinions to yourself. I asked for advice and tips pertaining to my specific question, not to whether getting a tattoo is a good idea.

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What is the pain level of getting a tattoo on your back between the shoulders?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo there, but I’d like to know what the pain level is. And don’t give me any "Don’t get a tattoo cause when your 80 years old you’ll die hating yourself" I have a high pain tolerance, and telling me the amount of pain will not stop me from getting the tattoo. I’m just curious.


How much would a tattoo like this cost and how long would it take to complete?

A friend of mine is pretty adamant on getting a tattoo of a snake wrapping around her body from her foot to her lower back. After the snake ends, a phoenix coming out of the snake covers the rest of her back. This is a pretty big tattoo. How much would such a tattoo cost and how long would it take? How painful would you say it would be?

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How long is it ok to keep a tattoo covered during the healing process?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo on my side right around the hip bone area. (a little below the belt line) Anyways, I don’t want to get ink all over my clothes, nor can I walk around without pants on seeing as I still live with my anti-tattoo parents who will conveniently not know about my tattoo. My question is how long will I be able to keep it covered during the day and night to protect the tattoo and my clothes. Thanks!!!


need ideas for skateboarding tattoo?

i was thinking about getting a tattoo that can reflect my love for skateboarding but im not sure what i want to get. i was thinking either on my left forearm or left shoulder blade and nothing to be or intricate. i like more simple graphics or even quotes. any suggestions are appreciated

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How many different tattoo styles are there?

I am currently keeping a journal about tattoos and artists. I know that there are countless styles of tattoos but if you could provide some lists or examples it would be great! I want to know as much as i can about tattoos and tattoo art before i think any further on getting a tattoo of my own.


What would be the best tattoo to get in memory of a family member?

I was thinking about getting a tattoo in memory of my grandmother, who passed away few yrs ago. She was an evangelist, so I want something relevant to anything spiritual and tasteful. I want it on my left shoulder, so is that area more or less painful? Any suggestions of what I can get? This is my first tattoo ever!


What would happen to your tattoo if you lost weight?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo on the right side of my lower back. I was wondering if I lose around 30lbs, will it noticeably affect the tattoo?


Is a tattoo with a cross religious discrimination?

I am looking into getting a tattoo in memory of my grandparents who were killed. The tattoo that i am looking at has a cross. I also am planning on entering the air force with hopes of becoming a fighter pilot. In the air force’s tattoo policy it says that tattoos that display religious discrimination are prohibited. I would like to know if a cross is considered to be a symbol of religious discrimination. Is it?



Im turning 16 and im getting a tattoo in a week and a half for my birthday. im getting it on the inside on my foot, right below that ummm..bone.

its small, here’s the one i really want –

its the second one on the first row!

it has a small meaning, too. before you say anything.
but i was wondering what other people thought of it.

andd if you have any ideas on something else like that to let me know=)

i said it does have a meaning

and honestly, what is the purpose, of ANY tattoo?
if you wanna see tacky, look at the first one on the first row.
i already have all the piercings im allowed.

2 in each ear, one in my nose.
aight f u c k yall then there’s nothing wrong with me brain and im getting it so you can kiss my tacky a s s



I’m 16 and might be getting a tattoo in August.
What are the requirements for me to get a tattoo?
What will I hafto do after I get it?
Don’t worry, I’m not getting it where it can’t be seen. :).

How much do they cost, or does it vary?

Does it have to be MY parents specifically?
hehe 🙂



i am getting a tattoo of a chinese symbol, and so is my mom.

she wants to get one on her foot…
should i get one in the same place or somewhere else?
like where else could i get it so i could hide it easily..?