Will a Forearm Tattoo effect my life, and future jobs?

Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m 17. 18 in September. In two weeks I’m getting two tattoo’s, 1 on each forearm, going across. The very top of my inner forearm right under the elbow crease. I’m getting my Mothers name on my right arm and my Grandmothers name on my left arm, Marsha and Jennie. I’m just wondering if this is a stupid idea? If i will regret getting these. My goal in life is to attend a trade school for Networking and computer Graphics, but in the meantime I plan on getting a job at a fast food place or a small diner/resturant. Will these two tatt’s effect working at mcdonalds/jack in the box ect. oh and will people look at me dirty or look at me as a bum? They’re going to be in cursive fonts. I’m a Half black kid who dress’s like a skater and i have Inch Gauges in both ears. I’m not worried about about looking like a thug, just looking dirty and run down. Please excuse my bad grammer, i’m just to lazy to care (just wrote 2 essays and sick of fixin’ chit)
Thank you all for your answers =]


Should you get two tattoo and not discuss it with you spouse first even though you know he hates them?

My wife has mentioned several times over the last few years she wanted to get a second tattoo. she has one on her shoulder and she wanted one on her ankle. Which I was not really okay with but was getting used to the idea until she came home last friday with two new tattoos one on her shoulder and the other on her forearm. She had mentioned about a month a go she wanted to get another tattoo and she never talked to me about this after that. When she cam home I was upset because she didn’t answer her phone all day and was supposed to be home by noon so I was worried about what had happened then I find out she got two tattoos and now I am stuck looking at the one on her arm all the time( I have always disliked tattoos and she has known this even before we got married. Like I stated before I was getting used to the idea of one on her ankle and would like to have designed it so It could me something to both of us since the one on her ankle goes all the way around her ankle and has our three boys names in it but it stand alot higher than she had ever shown me before and I would like to have had it about 1/2 in high not 1 1/2 inches tall but the tattooist couldn’t design it any smaller supposedly. So now it really stands out and she had all ways told me she wanted it to look like an ankle bracelet. The one on her arm she tells me know that she has wanted it for a long time but I feel she is rubbing it in my face since I didn’t want her to get another tattoo because how I feel about them and what I think they make her look like. i asked her to get the one on her arm removed for sure since I have to see it as a reminder of her going behind my back. But I offered if she got both removed we could design a tattoo for her ankle that would look better first of all and then be smaller like an ankle bracelet and still include our children’s names with a little more graphics in it. I don’t want to be controlling but I feel we both have to look at each other all the time and we should both get to like what we see and not have thing within our control getting in the way of that.


Can someone please find a picture of batista's right forearm tattoo?

On his right forearm he has a tattoo. can someone find a picture of it for me. Or if you have that action figure can you take a picture of it. Please and Thnk You (=


How do I keep my tattoo out of the sun when I work outside?

I just got a tattoo yesterday on my forearm and I work as a bagger at a grocery store which means I have to get a lot of carts outside, and it’s hot and sunny as fuck so how can I keep my tattoo out of the sun? Wearing sleeves would be too hot (and would slow down the healing?) and a bandage will fall off when I sweat.


What would it feel like getting a tattoo along my spine?

I want to get "robur et veneratio" tattooed on me and i like the idea of it going down the middle of my back and i was just wondering if it would feel more painful along my spine. I have alot of friends with tattoos and they said that it didn’t really hurt getting there tattoo until the needle ran over a part of there body such as their shin or the outside of their forearm where there is no muscle or fat between the skin and the bone. Just wondering. Thanks.