Got any kind of suggestions for a customized design remembrance tattoo?

I’m designing a tattoo in memory of my parents for my relative and I to both get together. I have a sign to represent my father (an Armenian freedom sign, he was Armenian and used this symbol on a pendant my whole life), but I cannot create one to represent my mom. She was exceptionally smart, the most selfless individual I have actually ever before fulfilled, really caring and compassionate, solid, and loved reading, photography, and interior decoration. She was of Danish origin however that wasn’t truly very much a part of her life. She did invest a number of years of her youth in Italy, however. Any ideas? Exists an internet site via good graphics that you know of? Any type of assistance is much valued! Many thanks!

Cowboys-Packers playoff matchup evokes Ice Bowl memories - KENS 5 TV
KENS 5 TVCowboys-Packers playoff matchup evokes Ice Bowl memoriesKENS 5 TV"The biggest thing I remember is the guys trying to dig trenches where they could get their cleats in the ground, at all, to get any kind of start," Jordan said. "Bob Lilly was really working hard at it. Maybe the rest of us should have worked harder ...NFL Playoff Preview - Dallas (13-4) at Green Bay (12-4) (ET)Fresno BeeCowboys, Packers Aim To Extend Spotless StreaksCBS LocalCowboys - Packers PreviewWWL First Newsall 2,830 news articles »
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my dad passed away a few months ago, and he was ok with me getting piercings (i got like 9) but i only have two remaining, but he was always soo again tattoos! but i want to get one, i love then and is in my list of thing to do before i die! i though about getting the COEXIST symbols but im afraid id be little to controversial and i dunno if im going to regret getting a tattoo 10 years from now like i took my piercings off! what u think i shoud do?


How do I hide a tattoo or where is the best place to hide it?

I plan to get a tattoo but my dad don’t approve of it and won’t let me get one. I am 22 and capable of making this decision on my own and it’s not going to be some stupid tattoo. I know that I’m going to have this tattoo for life so I have to make what I want as a tattoo that I won’t regret. I really need to hide it when I get it.


How can I customize my tattoo to make it unique for my personality?

I am getting a dragonfly tattoo on Friday. I am putting it on the base of my neck. I dont want a boring usual dragonfly. How can I make my dragonfly unique?

Im not having it done at a parlor. My dad is having a tattoo party at his house. It is a professional tattoist though.

I just want to customize it somehow so it shows my personality or something, just so it’s not so ordinary like something alot of other people have.


What's the tattoo age limit in Nevada with parental consent ?

I’m 14 years old and have been planning on getting a sentimental tattoo for my dad who passed a little over a year ago. I heard that you can get a tattoo with parental consent if you’re 14, but I also heard shops kind of have their own rules for parental consent. If anyone knows of a law there is in Nevada please let me know. Thanks.