Can anyone help find picture of topless couple facing each other on beach?

I’m not looking for the tattoo one.
In the picture, you see the girl facing the guy. They are both shirtless and have on jeans.
His hands are in her back pockets.
Its the same style as an abercrombie ad.
I saw this picture all over myspace a few months ago and now I can’t find it anywhere.
Help is appreciated =]

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Celebrity Tattoos – Britney Spears

We all know the troubled pop princess has a few tattoos of her own. You will be surprised to know that Britney Spears has a total of nine tattoos. Of course at first glance you would never know the pop princess had so many tattoos. Mainly because hers are fairly small and most of them are covered up all the time.

Here’s a list of Britney’s nine tattoos

1. A flower fairy which is located on Britney’s lower back.

2. Kabbalah symbols. There are three symbols on the back of Britney’s neck. It is suppose to translate to “healing”. But there has been many reports claiming that the three symbols are out of order so her tattoo doesn’t really mean anything. deliver.

3. A kanji and flower located on the front of one of Brit’s hips. The kanji that is in the center of the flower was intended to stand for mystery, but some people have pointed out that the meaning of her particular kanji actually stands for strange.

4. A simple daisy design wraps around the second toe on Brit’s right foot.

5. Butterfly vine tattoo that is also located on her right foot.

6. A small star on her right hand.

7. Pink dice on the inside of her left wrist. Ex-husband Kevin Federline has the same tattoo but he has blue dice.

8. A pink cross on her hip.

9. Small red lips on the inside of her right wrist.

Britney is a great example of why you need to do your homework and double check the meanings of tattoos if you are going to get a symbol from another language or religion tattooed on you.

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I need help designing a couple of tattoos?

My fiance is looking to get a tattoo with three eagles soaring in the sky.

I would like a tattoo that involves the words "Love and Prayers", but would like ideas on what to add to the tattoo or to make it a cute tattoo


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Where is there good Tattoo shops in Philadelphia?

i live in center city philly and am looking to get my first tattoo, know of any good artists/shops/clean, maybe from personal experience? any advice is greatly appreciated. ps: feel free to tell me anything you think i should know for my first tattoo! thanks


where can I find good some good pictures of the grim reaper, Skeletons on motorcycles, and sport bikes?

I am looking for some graphics for my bike. I was wanting to go for a grim reaper or a skeleton ridding a bike thats simillar to mine. However, I do not know where to look. Anyone have any Ideas?


What are some very reputable tattoo shops in NJ that do GOOD white ink tattoos?

A lot of shops don’t like to do them or don’t do them well and make them look more like scars. I’m looking for somewhere that has an artist with experience with white tattoos in northern Jersey or the Jersey shore area.

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Where in Philadelphia could i go to get a cheap price tattoo?

i want to get a second tattoo for my b-day my 1st one cost me .00 so are there any other tattoo parlor that had a nice price for tattoo


Tattoo parlor across the street from Silver Legacy in Reno Nevada?

What is the tattoo parlor called? I can’t remember the name of it but it’s right across the street from Silver Legacy. I have tried looking it up online and in the phone book but since it’s new it doesn’t come up. Thanks!

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Im getting my tattoo on friday and im lookin for font ideas?

im getting my first tattoo on friday and its going to be on my wrist .. im goin to get an anchor with the words i refuse to sink beside it … and i have no idea what font …any ideas ?


Where can I find a beautiful ornante number 5 for a tattoo?

I’m looking for some very unique depictions of the number "5" for a small simple, but different, tattoo. Any pointers as I’ve not found much on google?


What's a good website that can give me good ideas for my next tattoo?

I already have a couple tats and I’m preparing to get one or two more. Problem is I’m extremely picky as to what I want permanently painted on my body. Are there any good websites that can give me good ideas as to what will be my next tat? like pictures of actual tattoo’s or pictures of art and other designs?


How do you go about becoming a tattoo artist and/or body piercer?

More in depth than just apprenticing, please. I’m currently in college taking general courses and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I’ve always had a fascination and love for tattoos and piercings and their process.
And would art classes be very helpful?
Do you have to be a fantastic artist, great at drawing and all that, or is it different when it comes to tattooing?


What should I get as a tattoo for my parents?

They are the absolute best and I want to show how I feel about them through a tattoo.


I need themes for graphics…any ideas?

I’m a self taught graphic designer and im trying to make as many as I can to build a portfolio but im coming up blank on themes or concepts so I guess what im asking is for ideas…so far I’ve done tattoo theme, nature, psychedelic and Denver city themes but i want crazy, out there ideas so challenge me! THANKS FOR YOUR OPINIONS AND IDEAS!!
I guess digital artist could be a better way of saying what I do! lol


tell me this tattoo is cool?

I’d be too chicken to get that, since it would hurt a lot, but i think its pretty cool.
what about you?!


If I get my Smiley poerced and it rips out will it make my lip droop and my mouth like look collapsed?

This is a smiley piercing for those who do not know what they are (It isn’t rude!)


Do you know what this lip jewelry is called?

& what is the smallest size?


Poll: Please rate my new tattoo (picture inside)?

Thanks, it cost me over 3,000 U.S. dollars


How do you make Left 4 Dead 2 graphics better on Xbox 360?

How do you make the graphics better on Left 4 Dead 2 on Xbox 360? I noticed sometimes when I play that in first person with Coach that his wrist bands will look good and other times i play it will look bad. I noticed that it did the same on Left 4 Dead 1 on Xbox 360 with Francis’ tattoos in first person and to make the graphics look better was to watch the entire opening video without skipping, but I don’t know how to make it better in Left 4 Dead 2. Is anyone else out there that is anal about the graphics difference and has anyone noticed this too? If someone has do you know how to make them look better every time? Much appreciated if you do know.

(I know, small things can really bug me sometimes…)
I know i cant change the graphics in the game on the 360 version, its the way that the 360 loads the game. It’s like the 360 dosent load the detail all the way and does it half ass. But both L4D1 and 2 have ways for the 360 to load the details properly…


what would be the best language to get a "mental freedom" tattoo and what graphics would go well around it?

im trying to get as many opinions as possible and please dont hate on me or critique me, i just want opinions, okay pls.

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i need help with graphics/fonts?

ok so i need to get a word in block letters to start in red and gradually (uniformaly) fade into black. is there a program that can do this? i want to get a tattoo and the word needs to start in like a fiery red and fade into black. does it take a graphic designer to accomplish this?

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Can you get a CBR that hug a tragus piercing.?

I am getting it done next weekend, and I am getting a CBR but the ones I ve seen, The rings hangs off of the piercing…..

Would I be able to get a CBR that would just sit on the tragus. Kinda like this.

or would I be able to get a spiral barbell as the initial jewelry?


how old do i have to b 2 get an ear barbell?

like when you have a bar that goes thru 2 holes in ur ear
like this but just the bar at the top
i kno thatits difrent in difrent states i live in ohio


What would you add to the following tattoo?

I am getting a tattoo of "luck" and "fate" under each of my breasts in old english font to represent acceptance of all religion. (Explanation: A non believer could say we have good fate because of good luck, and a believer would say we have good good luck because of good fate.) Anyways, I really want to jazz up the tattoo. I was thinking about putting a rose between the two words underlining them with thorns, but I want something to tie in with the meaning. Any ideas? It could be something as simple as color or as elaborate as a scheme of graphics to add in.

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