m getting a tattoo tomorrow and I’ve always wanted the kanji symbol of "courage."
I’ve bought numerous tattoo books, and looked up on the internet however I always end up with two different symbols.

Symbol 1: http://www.haolekid.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000002/Kanji%20Brave.gif
Symbol 2: http://www.haolekid.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000002/KanjiCourage.gif

I’m thinking they both mean "courage" but in different varies of kanji. Like one japanese on chinese or something.
But with it being permantly on my body, I just want to be 100% sure.
If anyone knows the difference, i’d greatly appreciate it.
Well, by all means that’s your opinion I respect that.
But i’ve wanted something that symbolizes courage, and I think a Lion is too manly for a girl, and I don’t want to just get "COURAGE" written boldly on me.

Any other ideas and I’m all ears!


Should you get two tattoo and not discuss it with you spouse first even though you know he hates them?

My wife has mentioned several times over the last few years she wanted to get a second tattoo. she has one on her shoulder and she wanted one on her ankle. Which I was not really okay with but was getting used to the idea until she came home last friday with two new tattoos one on her shoulder and the other on her forearm. She had mentioned about a month a go she wanted to get another tattoo and she never talked to me about this after that. When she cam home I was upset because she didn’t answer her phone all day and was supposed to be home by noon so I was worried about what had happened then I find out she got two tattoos and now I am stuck looking at the one on her arm all the time( I have always disliked tattoos and she has known this even before we got married. Like I stated before I was getting used to the idea of one on her ankle and would like to have designed it so It could me something to both of us since the one on her ankle goes all the way around her ankle and has our three boys names in it but it stand alot higher than she had ever shown me before and I would like to have had it about 1/2 in high not 1 1/2 inches tall but the tattooist couldn’t design it any smaller supposedly. So now it really stands out and she had all ways told me she wanted it to look like an ankle bracelet. The one on her arm she tells me know that she has wanted it for a long time but I feel she is rubbing it in my face since I didn’t want her to get another tattoo because how I feel about them and what I think they make her look like. i asked her to get the one on her arm removed for sure since I have to see it as a reminder of her going behind my back. But I offered if she got both removed we could design a tattoo for her ankle that would look better first of all and then be smaller like an ankle bracelet and still include our children’s names with a little more graphics in it. I don’t want to be controlling but I feel we both have to look at each other all the time and we should both get to like what we see and not have thing within our control getting in the way of that.


Can someone please find a picture of batista's right forearm tattoo?

On his right forearm he has a tattoo. can someone find a picture of it for me. Or if you have that action figure can you take a picture of it. Please and Thnk You (=


going to get my tattoo fixed today need ideas?

so i got this tattoo ( i know it doesnt look good) but im going to get it shaded in and add a background to it. (it is in my leg)


i was planning to add these skulls on the bottom right on top of my ankle wat do u think about this?


i dont know wat background to put on it any suggestions?

ohh and i want my whole leg tatted on this theme so do u think this will go with the tattoo? or could u guys tell me wat does?


thanks alot guys and girls =)
feel free to hate on the tattoo too


National Guard Tattoo?

Im going into the guard as 19D, being as Guard soldiers only drill like one weekend a month i could see that a military tattoo would be a bit extreme. I wouldnt even want one if it was just a weekend drill thing, But the unit im going to be with is getting deployed right after ill graduate from basic. Do u think it would be morally wrong to get a Cavalry Skull tattoo before we deploy? I was thinking of this one.


It just looks so badasss, id be proud to wear it. I cant wait to get my gold spurrs.


Density Tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!?

OK so for science class we have develop a tattoo about density with the centerpiece being a solgan or a phrase. There also has to be 4 graphics demonstrating the equations concept in a real-life situation. equation being: d=m/v….please help…im not artistic at all!!!

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my tattoo ideas?

so i’m getting a tattoo for my 18th birthday (in march) and i have a few ideas but i’m not sure what i should get first.

my first one i want to get is indian larry’s question mark with the wings http://www.indianlarry.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/Patch_HR.jpg
with a quote around the question mark that says "the next phase is going to transpire the way it is supposed to transpire"

or i want to get a Metallica themed tattoo, probably the ninja star design.

my friend lyndsey and i want to get 2008 (probably with a nautical star) on the backs of our necks because that’s when we’re going to graduate high school.

and i want to get an angel with with the word strength.

i just can’t decide which one i should get first or where to put it. , except i won’t get the 2008 one first because i’m going to wait until lynz turns 18.

i’m thinking about the question mark on my ankle or calf.

any suggestions?
i’ve been thinking about these tats for a long time.
or for the indian larry tattoo i might just have "indian larry" and 1949-2004
yeah, the 2008 idea was my friend’s idea. i was thinking about just like a nautical star with the school colors. just something to represent that hey, we made it.


Spider web tattoo idea?

For my next tattoo I want to get a spider web on my shoulder, it is symbolic to me about when I get trapped in life, however I am a bit off put because I know that it traditionally has prison connotation attached to it, and shows you have served time. Should I still get a spider web, or just leave?

Ps I am also going to have coloured graphics between the webs


what do you think of this tattoo?


this will be my first tattoo, i don’t want it to be the usual girly tattoo

i’m thinking about getting this on my right back shoulder area if that makes sense

i really like grateful dead and also, the guy i’ve been dating for a couple years now is a dead head, he’s not just my boyfriend though, he’s my best friend

what do you think of this tattoo? and with the whole don’t get your significant others name stuff, i’m the only one who would know that this tattoo kinda symbolizes him


i got a question for those willing to answer it and are into body graphics?

im with a guy that i love and we are both in recovery and he has above the influence tattooed on his left forearm and i wanted to get a matching tattoo like his do u guys believe that i should talk to him and get his opinion about the decision


Im thinking of getting a lower back tattoo and i was wondering if anyone knew around how much it would cost?

this is the tattoo that i want http://images.google.com.pr/imgres?imgurl=http://tattoo.about.com/library/graphics/julieback.jpg&imgrefurl=http://tattoo.about.com/cs/tatart/l/bljulieback.htm&h=350&w=400&sz=23&hl=es&start=3&um=1&tbnid=DomYZfN1NGxQ9M:&tbnh=109&tbnw=124&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dlower%2Bback%2Btattoos%26um%3D1%26hl%3Des%26lr%3D%26sa%3DX how much time do u think that would take to do?? i hope it wont hurt that much.


What do you think of this Tattoo? Picture inside..?

I cant decide which tattoo to get it would probably be on my lower back but to the right

Tell me what you think please [=


http://tattoo.about.com/library/graphics/taesa101103x.jpg << without the Kristina bit




tattoo!! honest opinions?

what do you think of this cross for a tattoo on my foot? http://www.hype-r-media.com/janerose/graphics/Vintage%20Cross%20Necklace.jpg
it represents my religion. its a jerusalem cross.


can anyone tell me what the font is called of this tattoo?


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need ideas for skateboarding tattoo?

i was thinking about getting a tattoo that can reflect my love for skateboarding but im not sure what i want to get. i was thinking either on my left forearm or left shoulder blade and nothing to be or intricate. i like more simple graphics or even quotes. any suggestions are appreciated

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I am thinking about getting a tattoo, and I am wondering how it works if you want them to design it…?

I’m a geek. I want a tattoo of a Final Fantasy summer, either Diablos (FF8) or Bahamut (take your pick). Obviously, in-game graphics is not what I want my tattoo to look like. How does this work? Do I bring the tattoo artist a few different pictures of the one I choose, and tell them what aspects are important to me, and such?

To Final Fantasy fans: which summon? I’ve added some links as to pictures I -would- bring in, if that is the appropriate thing to do.

Diablos 1: http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff8/diablos.jpg
Diablos 2: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20071103164410/finalfantasy/images/thumb/0/0d/Diablos8.jpg/300px-Diablos8.jpg
Bahamut 1: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100206113946/finalfantasy/images/thumb/5/54/8b-bahamut.jpg/300px-8b-bahamut.jpg
Bahamut 2: http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff8/bahamut.jpg


my tattoo idea. are these good quotes?

says it all in the title . . .

imagination is the greatest gift.
a dream is a clue to all that imagination can unlock.
without the dream, what is the goal ?
imagine a perfect world.
if it can be dreamed, it can be done.

i want to have it on my lower back / hip and its going to have lots of graphics around it.
i want it to be about imagining. any ideas are welcome.

(i know how much it hurts, its my 2nd tattoo)


Any Gambling Graphics?

Looking to post an ‘Enter’ graphic on my site.

First person to give me a good link of a good picture gets to be Top Answerer; the picture must:

-Have a gambling theme, ie, dice, fire, suits, cards, banners, etc.
-Be ‘badass'; something you’d wear on a t-shirt or get as a tattoo. I saw some pretty nifty T-shirt graphics in Vegas that I’d love to post on my site.
-Not ‘too badass’ or something a loser would wear on a t-shirt. Dragons, wizards, too detailed, no thanks.
-It doesn’t have to say ‘Enter’

Google search and photobucket aint doing it for me. Maybe you have a decent graphic you can show me off a site you hosted. Tattoos are a good idea, but I don’t want a picture of a tattoo already on a body. You catch my drift.

And please, no pictures with pesky ‘Copyright’ labels across the whole picture.

Thank you.


So I have to take off my earrings before I make ghusl?

I wanted to get my ears pierced like this but I am not so sure anymore because I won’t be able to take them out?



What do you think about my tattoo?

I’m 16 and my parents are finally cool with me getting a tattoo. I’ve picked one out that has a ton of religious meaning to me, and I absolutely love it. Now, I’m looking at all the detail and can tell it’s gonna be expensive, can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much this is going to cost me? I know you guys can’t give a 100% perfect price, but an estimate would be wonderful. Also, what are your guy’s opinions on this tattoo? Tell me what you think, thanks!



Northern Lights Inspiring Tattoo?

I was recently came across this picture with 3 butterflies and it had color graphics. It remained of the northern lights, and heaven. The butterflies reminding me of angels. It’s hard to describe.
So here’s the picture:http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc175/toongirl1223/13.gif
I thought this would be a great idea for a tattoo, because I’ve been looking for something meaningful and this really spoke to me.
I want to see the northern lights someday. So what do you think of this idea?


I have an idea for a tattoo design but can't put it in art work. Can you? Do you know someone/where who can?

I’ve heard of people on myspace who if you send them a request, will make graphics for you for free but I haven’t found any… do you know anything like that? Can you? If you respond with a yes, I can let you know what I want. It’s not a difficult or too detailed idea but I’m not an artist so I can’t do it myself. Help anyone?? Thank you in advance!


I am thinking of getting a small tattoo for my birthday this Fall, of Thoth the healer, Yay or Nay?

I think this aspect of the diety will honor the healing that I have gained as of late. Any links to good graphics of Thoth would be cool. Thankyou!


sun design for tattoo?

I need help to make a design for my tattoo and I’m no graphics artist.
If anyone could help me draw this:

a sun with wavy rays or even flames in black and white. Simple, but sophisticated too. I’m from Mexico so I wanted something to do with that and I thought of a sun since of course it’s hot there :P

best picture gets best answer

thank you!

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What do you think about the "coexist" bumper sticker as a tattoo?