Choosing Tattoo Designs

Choosing the perfect tattoo that depicts your character and style is often difficult to do. When choosing a tattoo design you must remember that which ever design you choose, you will be attached to it for the rest of your life. The most horrific thing that can happen is that you choose a design you soon regret.

maori butterfly tattoo, sampleSo you don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong tattoo design, be patient in your planning. Many people who get tattoos, on impulse, wish they hadn’t. Little do they know, or don’t even consider, that removing a tattoo is both a costly and painful procedure. (Remember the 5 main points to select a tattoo).

Before choosing a tattoo design, it’s best to take a moment to think about your passions. Think about what moves you? If your answer is love, you may consider getting a tattoo that includes a heart. Or, maybe you have a passion for fast cars. There are many different styles of cars to choose from, it just takes going through a long list of auto designs to find out which be suites you. Knowing your passions will definitely narrow your search.
 infinity celtic tattoo design
After you’ve at least found a symbol that represents your passion and personality, your next step is to choose an exact design. Your objection when choosing the perfect tattoo design is to find originality. Who wants to have the same tattoo that someone else has? Quite possibly, no one does. Therefore, it’s wise to visit various tattoo parlors to view original styles of different artists. You will know, instantly, when you have met the artist that designs tattoos that match your style.

To save time, you can also view different tattoo websites. Tattoo websites allow you to review a list of different tattoo stencils you can take to your tattoo artist. For instance, go to Google and search for tattoo designs. You will see a list of tattoo design websites such as Tattoo Finder, Tattoo Johnny, and Tattoo Design. But these sites are free. This means they have old fashioned designs . I suggest you to choose any one of the paid websites you can find at the bottom of the article . From there pick out about 5 different designs you like. You can either take your time to review your choices more closely to narrow your choice to only one, or you can simply take a print out of your short list of tattoos to the tattoo artist of your choice and ask for his/her input.

tribal back tatoosIf you have a specific idea for a tattoo design in mind, but have been unable to find a design that matches it, you might consider drawing a sketch yourself and ask an artist to create a ‘one of a kind’ design just for you. Custom tattoo artist prices vary, so look around for the best price to fit your budget.

One other thing to take into consideration, when choosing a tattoo, is the color. Today, tattoos come in classic black or color. Black tattoos are more common. However, in recent times, tattoos drawn in various colors have gained popularity. Before making your decision, consider that while colored tattoos allow the artist to display creativity, they are more expensive than black tattoos.

Choosing tattoo designs doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In fact, it’s really quite simple. Before you begin your tattoo search, take the ideas listed in this article with you to help you pick the design that best resonates with your personality. It’s a good idea to consider getting a henna tattoo that lasts only 2 weeks to be sure that your choice to get a tattoo is something you won’t regret.

By: Charles S. Hyatt

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The Author, Charles S. Hyatt has been running tattoo design business over 10 years and he’s one of the best tattoo design experts today. His team just released a very valueable Tattoo Designs Review Site.

samples of different tattoo designs

Choosing Tattoo Designs
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Tattoo Designss. The Most Popular Is The Celtic Tribal Tattoo. Why?

When you go to choose tattoos, it is quite common that the tattooist will have a series of tribal tattoo drawings on the wall. These designs of tattoo are showed in any tattoo parlor, because it is highly likely to be chosen, either as a single tattoo, or as part of a plan of a larger tattoo design.

celtic tribal tattoo
Now, why tribal tattoo designs are so popular? Originally, the tribal tattoos were used as a way to identify people who belonged to the same tribe. Different Tattoos for any tribe, and so you can see immediately who was a member of your tribe, and who is not. Even now, these tattoos are popular between people who are part of the same group.

There are other reasons why tribal tattoo designs were used, especially for certain occasions. In some tribes, for example, the transition from childhood to adulthood is characterized by a tattoo which shows they are now man or woman, rather than boy or girl. There are other occasions like a wedding, the tattoo is a band of tribal style which denotes eternal love and fidelity.

The most popular form of tribal tattoo in today’s people, is the Celtic tribal tattoo. Or to be more precise, the tattoos which were usually used by operators of justice druid in the Celtic tribes.
assorted celtic tribal tattoos
The Druids used the power of the tattoo during their spells and incantations. These Celtic tattoo designs is said to be magically powerful, and were fundamental to the druid ceremonies. Perhaps this is why the temptation of tribal tattoos is so great.

The most popular Celtic tribal tattoo designs are Celtic Shamrock, Celtic crosses
The tattoo is a design that will remain with you for life, so to choose a tattoo is something very serious, if you’re undecided between a tribal tattoo and a tattoo virgo, it means that you are not yet ready to make you tattoo.

By: Carlo Giudice

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celtic tribal tattoo designs

 Celtic Tribal Tattoos

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Tribal Celtic Tattoo Designs
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Tattoo Designs Types Overview

Contrary to the time when it used to be exclusively connected with hoodlums, prisoners, and the mafia, tattoo art is all the rage these days. Tattoo enthusiasts can be practically anyone — hardcore bikers, musicians, athletes, celebrities, and even the everyday folk you pass by on the street. Highly popular in any part of the globe and with all age groups, tattoos are one of the top search items on the Internet today. According to a 2006 survey, 36 percent of people from 18 to 25 years old and 40 percent of those ranging from 26 to 40 years old have at least one tattoo.

Perhaps the main reason why tattoos are so in demand today is because people feel the need to better distinguish themselves among the ballooning six billion population of the world. Tattoos are artistic manifestations of our identity. Inked on skin, they allow others to see how we perceive ourselves and what we value in our lives without having to explain at all. Consequently, looking for the right tattoo design all boils down to the meaning and symbolism it offers to the holder. All things considered, isn’t it interesting to find out how tattoo bearers view themselves and what tattoo designs and symbolisms that appeal the most to them?

The following are the most sought after tattoo designs of all time and their brief general meanings:

Birds: Eagles are the most popular tattoo designs, symbolizing patriotism, might, and freedom. Hummingbirds and doves are also in demand, standing for love charm and peace, respectively.

Dragons: Arguably the most popular mythical figures of all time, dragon tattoos are general statements of strength and power. However, their specialized meanings will differ depending on whether you choose an Eastern or Western dragon design.

Skulls: Skulls have long been a symbol of pirates and stood for rebellion. Though mostly perceived as bad omens and symbols of death, skulls also represent change.

Hearts: They usually stand for togetherness and love, but their meanings vary depending on representation and the sentiments of the bearer.

Butterflies: These winged insects are sought after by mostly women. Fragile and beautiful, butterflies are symbols of freedom and rebirth.

Tribal Symbols: They actually mean something. But just as with Asian symbols, exactly what they mean can be a bit tricky. Traditional and primitive, these forms come from all sorts of different tribes and it’s hard to tell just by looking at them. These obscure but striking looks are not recommended for those who may become annoyed by constant questions about the meaning behind the body art.

Asian symbols: Chinese and Japanese characters are massive favorites among American tattoo buffs. However, translation can be more than a little difficult at times, so you have to extra careful.

Flowers: Singled out by women, flower tattoos symbolize different things, depending on the flower used. Roses stand for love; daisies denote innocence; buttercups represent riches, while sunflowers symbolize enchantment.

Religious Symbols: Though some think it’s blasphemous, tattoo art used to be part of religious ceremonies in certain ancient cultures. That’s why it comes as no surprise that religious symbols are second on the list.

Words: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but tattoo lettering is still the most popularly-requested design around the world. Names of loved ones, significant phrases of meaningful quotes as tattoo designs are also a big trend.

Zodiac: the 12 zodiac signs are available in a lot of different formats from very artifical graphics up to near photorealistic signs.To chose a zodiac is a good idea because this will never change.

By: Romeo Rodriguez

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Romeo Rodriguez is a tattoo enthusiast and blogger. His website, Tattoo Lettering can be found at

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Top Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

There are many different kinds of tattoo design ideas for men which are not at all similar in design with those tattoos that women prefer.

A tattoo design idea for men may focus more on things that are manly in nature but not entirely devoid of any living things. The choice is actually dependent on the preference of the male wishing to have a tattoo. The tattoo design idea can be anything that inspires the man.

Suggestions For Your possible Tattoo

There are some tattoo designs that are preferred by men more than women. These tattoos are usually chains, snakes or dragons, cryptic words or images. If a man likes guns or is into air soft sport, then the probability that these will feature in his end design is high.

If the recipient of the tattoo’s tastes runs to Goth or heavy metal then the tattoo design idea will most likely to be in these lines as well. Whatever inspires a person will most likely by what they end up having inked on his or her person.
Some guys like to have words or symbols tattooed onto them. These are a popular choice these days, words and symbols especially that have a personal significance and the individual feels have a great meaning in their life.

Tattoo design ideas that relate to words and symbols usually have some connection to one’s heritage and culture. Some individuals also like to have entire texts or paragraphs inked unto their backs. Or for a shorter version phrases of inspiration or words of love to there loved ones.

Some men who are aware of the implications of having a tattoo opt for a smaller tattoo design idea that can be easily concealed and is not visible or conspicuous when they are at work or mingling with other people. A cross tattoo idea one such design that is popular with many men. The cross can be as large as you want or small enough to be hidden under a wristwatch or a clothes cuff. The cross can also be designed in such a way that it can look intricate or plain.

What Inspires A Tattoo Design Idea

A tattoo design idea is wholly dependent on the preferences of the person who wants to have the tattoo done. What inspires a tattoo design idea is base don what the person tells the tattoo artist to do. The person might describe to the artist an event in his life which has inspired him to have a tattoo done. The tattoo design idea can be a commemoration of the said event.

By: Rick Dupont

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Author Rick Dupont Writes for tattoo design idea a business with over 200 pages of tattoo information so visit Tattoo design ideas today and find all you need to know about tattoos and the latest information for this art form.


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Top 6 Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoos are usually permanent. Therefore, finding the right design should be as important as your decision to get a tattoo. After all there is nothing like the misery or regret a person could feel over a bad design. To help you make your decision, you should seriously consider these top sources of tattoo design ideas.

So you want to get a tattoo, but cannot decide what tattoo design ideas you are looking for? There are so many different ways that you can express your personality, through art on your body, which makes it difficult to decide what you want. You should have a specific reason for getting a tattoo, it may be to remember a loved one, or you may just want to express your own individuality. Whatever your reason may be, finding the right tattoo design ideas for you may be a bit of a challenge.

Tattoo Artists

The first and number one source of tattoo design ideas is reputable tattoo artists themselves. An artist who has been doing his trade for quite sometime and has a wide base of satisfied customers would know first hand about good designs and tattoo design ideas that would specifically fit you.

Tattoo artists can help you understand the meaning of a design, and you can easily discuss with them the design that best suits your personality. You can even give an artist your idea and leave the designing to him. The downside to this is that different artists have different opinions and you often have to do a lot of leg work and design book flipping to find the best artist and design

Online Galleries

The best tattoo designs can also be found on online galleries. There are lots of free and paid galleries to choose from. These galleries contain thousands of designs conveniently arranged in categories with new designs regularly coming in. The best thing about searching online for tattoo design ideas is that you can simply browse in the comfort of your own home. For a fee, you can print a design that you like and take it to an artist. If you do not have an artist yet, some galleries will offer you a directory of tattoo artists near your place.


Ideas are simply limitless in forums. There are numerous independent or gallery attached tattoo forums to choose from. In these forums you can upload your designs and ask forum members to give their opinion about it. You can also comment on the designs of others and maybe even get some inspiration from the member uploaded designs. This is a great way to interact and ask real average people like you their unbiased opinion.

Printed Material

Who says you need to restrict your tattoo design ideas on catalogs and galleries. Look through an assortment of books printed material for possible tattoo design ideas. You can flip through your favorite comic books or even look in science, astrology, psychology, archeology, sociology and anthropology books. Find books at

Other People

Consider asking friends and family members for design ideas also, especially those who are fond of the art themselves. Aside from these people, you could also simply observe what other people have and form a judgment on which designs look great and which one look horrible.

Your Own Creativity

Trust your own creativity. You can mix and match designs or you can answer some questions to arrive at a good design. What are you interested in? What inspires you? What is your life long passion? What do you love the most?

Today, people choose to be tattooed for cosmetic, sentimental/memorial, religious, and magical reasons, and to symbolize their belonging to or identification with particular groups, including criminal gangs but also a particular ethnic group or law-abiding subculture. Some Maori still choose to wear intricate moko on their faces. In Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, the yantra tattoo is used for protection against evil and to increase luck.

By: Elias Rasmus

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Find art drawing and more useful information about tattoo design on art directory.

Tattoo design
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Celtic Tattoo Designs

Celtic design tattoos are very much in demand even today, although they have been in use for a long time. Here’s a look at a brief history of Celtic design tattoos and the kind of symbolism associated with it.


Tattoos are now an integral part of fashion. With the number of mind-boggling designs available today, tattoo lovers can find any kind of symbol that best represents their inner self. From flowery designs to something rugged, you name it and you shall have it! Celtic design tattoos are amongst the most popular and recognizable of all designs. Celtic designs have a wide range of symbols, which have a meaning associated with it. These kind of tribal tattoos have always been in great demand amongst tattoo lovers. With the growing interest in various tattoo designs, it is no wonder Celtic tattoos are very much in vogue. Let’s take a quick look at some interesting details related to Celtic design tattoos.


Celtic Design Tattoos:
These tattoos have history and symbolism associated with it. Celtic tattoos are easily identifiable because of the kind of colors that can be used as well as the design. Celtic tattoos basically involve certain kind of complex patterns, which are highly stylized. The Celtics are known for their rich culture and heritage and this is also probably one of the reasons one can see a wide number of designs and symbols out here. Their strong beliefs attached to the tattoos increase their popularity as well.
basic celtic tattoo design
Celtic design tattoos have a reason behind the symbolism associated with it. The Celts in the olden days did not a particular language to communicate via the written word. Therefore, they tried to express themselves through symbolism. Designs that incorporated symbols from nature were thus quite popular as this communicated their love for nature. Therefore, Celtic design tattoos are almost on the same lines as tribal tattoos that have a unique feel about them. They emote a lot without really being direct in the way the design is devised.
celtic cross tattoo design
These ancient tattoos designs are distinguishable because of the knot work and the spiral patterns. Geometric forms, overlapping of knots, key work and many such intricate patterns form the base of Celtic patterns. The Celtic cross is one of the most popular of all designs. This Celtic cross is like the Christian cross; the only difference being there is a circle around the intersection. There is also a lot of intricate knot work that is seen over the cross. Many have tried to interpret the meaning of the design of the Celtic cross. For the Christians, it is a symbol of God’s love where as, for the neo pagans, it represents the sun.
life celtic tattoos
Celtic knots are yet another popular design which is in demand with tattoo lovers. Celtic knots consist of endless loop work that intertwines all through the design. It is really difficult to figure out the pattern at times. The complexity of the design is what makes it even more popular! The symbolism behind this Celtic tattoo is probably because the Celts considered this to be a representation of constant life.

Always remember to go to a skilled tattoo artist if you are planning for a Celtic design tattoo. The intricacy of the design would need the skills of a true artist to get the accurate result. Tattoos form a permanent part of your body, so you need to think before you opt for the pattern least you change your mind! So go ahead and join the group of Celtic design tattoo lovers!

By Kashmira Lad
Published: 8/13/2008

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Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Ladies

Butterfly tattoo designs are designs that have for generations been loved. People have always been fascinated by butterflies: from young children to adults, the butterfly is a symbol of beauty and freedom that is second to none. There are also a large number of references to butterflies in history, and they are the subject of a variety of mixed legends, myths and other such tales. Thus, given their special meaning in almost every culture, it is not strange at all that butterfly tattoo designs are so desired by people.

When people mention butterflies, the first thing that comes to mind is how gentle the creatures are. They also have other attributes, namely their beauty, the mystery associated with them, their symbolism of transformation and their representation of freedom.
1. Beauty: This attribute of the butterfly is one that can hardly be argued about. In a large selection of sizes and shapes, butterflies are quite different even within a single species. Thus, almost every butterfly is unique. It is this beauty and more importantly uniqueness that cause butterfly tattoo designs to be so popular with women. butterly tattoo on back
2. Mystery: There is a large amount of mystery that is associated with the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. This sense of mystery has prevailed throughout the ages so that even today people are captivated by the occurrence. This sense of mystery has also in a way contributed to their popularity as tattoo designs, since many people feel that it represents the mystery within them.
3. Transformation: The metamorphosis of the butterfly also represents transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, which could also be interpreted as a person becoming more beautiful. This has also led to such designs becoming popular among girls who undergo a similar transformation into women.
4. Freedom: This attribute barely needs to be discussed. Butterflies have always been associated with freedom. Flying about flowers with apparently no cares in the world, these creatures have often been extremely envied by men and women alike. Women might find this significance a little more important for them, because of their lack of freedom in history. butterfly tattoo on shoulder

Such designs are also extremely safe, especially is a person is getting their first tattoo ever. The reason for this, more than the designs, is that the symbolism of a butterfly is one that can be treasured forever and will not change with time. It is unlikely that people would not at any point in their lives relate to joy, love and more importantly freedom. Apart from these, such designs are also advised as they are naturally beautiful and can be done with exquisite colouring.
If a person wishes to design his or her own tattoo, then inspirations can be got from one of many online tattoo galleries. Such galleries have huge ranges of designs, ranging from Celtic butterflies to Tribal butterflies, among others.
Such butterfly tattoo designs can thus exist in a variety of shapes, as well as colours and sizes. The best online galleries have expert tattoo artists who will be able to tattoo such designs on any part of one’s body. The most popular areas for butterfly tattoo designs have been found to be the lower back, arm, shoulder and ankle.
Thus with a renewed understanding of the symbolism of the butterfly, a person might wish that they could themselves become butterflies! Sadly, this is not possible, but the next best thing is: a person could advertise their spirit of mystery, beauty, freedom and transformation by getting one of the large number of available butterfly tattoo designs.

butterfly tattoo another butterfly tattoo

By: Jeffrey McDougall

Article Directory:

View some of the best Butterfly Tattoo Designs ever designed and produced. Also, learn the history of Butterfly Tattoo Designs.

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is their an other name for those tattoo designs you see in tattoo shops?

i’m trying to find a website or images on google of tattoo designs. Tattoo designs that aren’t already on people’s skin.


Where I can find a good tattoo designs website?

I just can’t find any cool website with modern tattoo designs. I wanna find designs that are colorful, unique and of course modern.


Does anyone know any websites that have tattoo designs?

Im gettin another tattoo and Im looking for a site that has designs, like gamer tattoo’s, not pics shoing them on people’s arms, just tattoo’s designs by themselves.


Which is best tattoo designs website online?

I want get some beautiful tattoo designs for my sister.


where would you get a downloadable catalog for the Henna tattoo designs?

At places like great america and other amusement parks, they have those Henna tattoo stands. my friend is a really great artist and purchased the Henna ink and doesn’t have a catalog with the designs. where can you download one of these without having to purchase them? any ideas?

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Are there any sites like DEVIANT ART where i can look at tattoo designs?

Are ther any other sites that i can look a tattoo designs that are on paper and not pictures of a tattoo on the skin?


What kind of tattoo designs do you have mind?

I’m on way to getting back into drawing. I was very good and focused on it for most of my life but it came to a point that I didn’t have time to draw which sucked. So I’m trying to start by doing some peopls tattoo designs. I’m not going to steal them or anything, I just want to get some ideas flowing.
Thanks. I’m a little rough with portraits still so

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How do I find some good idea's for tattoo designs?

How or where do I find tattoo designs? I want to get one but I don’t know what to get yet and I think seeing some things may help.


How to choose between 3 different tattoo designs?

I have 3 tattoo designs that I have been in love with for such a long time but Im indecisive and cant choose which one to get as my first tattoo. I’m a girl and Ill be 21 in a few months.


What tattoo design should i get on my left forearm?

i am considering tattoo designs and have narrowed it down to an aztec symbol, a cross, or stars. any suggestions on my ideas?


What can be a good tattoo design that represents travel/ adventure?

I love to travel and discover new things, customs, cultures, etc. I have a lust for adventure. What are some good tattoo designs that can represent that? I was thinking a compass maybe?


How much should I sell for my tattoo design?

OK I had a friend ask me to design a tattoo for him. He wanted me to draw the Superman logo with flames firing out from the sides. I made it but he wanted me to tell him how much I should sell it for. I never really sold any of my tattoo designs before. Help would be much appreciated.


What kind of a tattoo design should I get?

So I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for awhile. I’m a college freshman and I think soon would be a good time to get one. Problem is, I don’t know a good spot or a good design for one. I’m a Christian, I love music, I want to be a teacher, and my grandma who is in heaven is my hero. Does anybody have any ideas for some cool tattoo designs that aren’t too expensive? Thanks. =]


Where can I go to get a tattoo designed for myself?

Also, do you know if getting a tattoo designed is free?
I don’t want to put it on my body yet, I just want it designed first and then I have to make the decision if I should get it or not. I need to see what it looks like first before I actually put it on my body.


I need help figuring out a tattoo design to honor the military?

I have several family members and friends in different branches of the military, and I myself am joining the Air Force. I’m looking for a simple tattoo design to honor my friends and family in the military. Any ideas would help. I don’t want flags, eagles, guns, or dog tags because those all seem tacky and impersonal to me.


ways to get a good tattoo design?

I’m planning to have a body tattoo. Where can I find beautiful tattoo designs?


Where can I find good tattoo designs?

Does anyone know of any good tattoo websites where I can view and download tattoo designs?